Tomb at the Landschaftsfriedhof GatowMaximilian-Kolbe-Str.

Landschaftsfriedhof Gatow, Maximilian-Kolbe-Str., via Heerstr. (Bus 135): 
turn left: Wilhelmstr. [= Potsdamer Chaussee] 
then again left: at a traffic light which the information “Friedhof” is given 100 meters before: Maximilian-Kolbe-Str.

On the Cemetery: 
Main way in the middle,  a f t e r  the first row with bushes turn left and go 50 or 60 meter straight. You will see the tomb at the left side. 


On July 5, 2017, Mrs. Kim Jung-Sook, the wife of the President of the Republic of Korea, laid a wreath on the Isang Yun's grave, planted a camellia tree from Yun's native city Tongyeong and erected a memorial stone: