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July 5, 2017:  The First Lady of the Republic of Korea, Mrs. Kim Jung-Sook, visits and honors the tomb of Isang Yun

Isang Yun 100
Isang Yun's 100th birthday at the Musikfest Berlin from the 10th of Sept, 2017
- the dates at a glance - and detailed in the flyer "Erster Zyklus" (first cycle).

- Exhibition on Isang Yun, Philharmonie, Foyer Kammermusiksaal,
  opening ceremony: Aug. 31, 3:00 p. m.

Isang Yun 100. Ein Festival - "Zweiter Zyklus": Berlin, Oct. 29 - Nov. 4

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CD-Recommendation: Octuor Mirae

New:    CD IYG 011 


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